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A More Beautiful You.

Do you ever feel like you are not enough?

Do you ever feel that you are not attractive and wish you were beautiful?

Do you ever feel if you only had a better body, skin, hair, nose, eyes, etc you would be happy?

Have you bought into the lies that say your worth is dependent on how you look?

If so, you are not alone.  Many women at one point or another in their lives battle with theses doubts.  Know this...  

You ARE enough!

You are NOT an object.

You are a person with divine worth.

You have been created perfectly.Just.the.way.you.are.

 Please give yourself permission to love yourself for who you are.

Did you know that they way you dress can effect the way you feel?  Of course you probably do. That's why we can feel great in that perfect outfit!  But did you also know that they way you dress can secretly bring down your self esteem?  Research studies are showing that when you wear clothing that shows a lot of your body off it can lead to greater levels of body dissatisfaction. You can actually be lead to criticize and dislike your body more just because what you are wearing.  That is not cool!  You're body does a lot for you on a daily basis and it deserves to be treated kindly, not hated.  Especially not because of what you are wearing.  

Your clothing can also shape they way you view yourself.  Clothing that draws attention to certain body parts instead of drawing attention to you as a whole person, reduces you down to a single body part, not a person.  It presents you as a "thing",  something to be looked at, something that is to be on display.  It doesn't present you as a person with thoughts and feelings.  This is called "objectification". It is basically the act of turning a person into an object.  Our personal clothing choices can cause "self objectification". That means we can make ourselves into objects.  This effects the way we feel.    


 Join us in this campaign to stop harming ourselves by committing to do the following for the next 30 days:

1) Commit to not criticize your body.

2) Participating in one Self Care activity each day. (Self Care activities listed below)

3) Thank your body or give thanks for your body each day for helping you do your daily tasks.

4) Print out the questions below and place them on your mirror. Ask yourself these questions each day when you get dressed.

Mirror questions adapted from an article posted in Liahona Magazine, March 2003. Article: EVERYTHING GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL

Self Care Ideas

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