Our scholarships are awarded based on four areas:

1) Overcoming Obstacles

We know life can be difficult sometimes.  But quitting is not an option.  We want to award women who endure and overcome the challenges of life.  Those challenges don't have to be enormous, they just have to be enough to be considered an obstacle for the individual enduring them.

2) Exhibiting Modesty

Modesty is more than the clothes that one wears.  It is an attitude.  It includes standards in dress, grooming, language, and behavior. we are looking to award women who strive to maintain their standards of modesty.

3) Service to Community

Helping others is the best way to improve our surroundings.  Whether it'd be service to your local school, church, community center, shelter, medical facility, or neighbor, we want to award women that look beyond themselves and help others.

4) Academic Achievement

Developing our minds is just as important as developing other areas of our lives.  We are looking to award women that display special effort or courage in their academic pursuit.  That achievement may be measured by grades, but it also be measured by circumstances.  

 Our Modest Modest Scholarship

Our Modest Modest scholarship includes a laptop computer and a modest financial award for women who have been accepted into a college or school or higher learning. As our scholarship fund grows, we will be able to expand this fund.