So I bet you're wondering... Why would a retail fashion site have helpful links that have to do with, uh... mental health?
As a trained mental health professional, mental health issues are actually near to my heart.  Fashion, and body image issues greatly play part of mental health issues and as a business, we are not shying away from that.  So below we've listed some helpful links that will hopefully serve as a resource to you and your loved ones.


4 Every Girl

is a national campaign sending a powerful message to today's media industry leaders to present healthy images that honor and reflect the true value of every girl.


Killing Us Softly 4

  Killing Us Softly series shows how the advertising industry continues to reinforce, and glamorize, a regressive and debased notion of femininity.

Remuda Ranch

For over 20 years Remuda Ranch has been helping people recover from eating disorders.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.


promotes realistic beauty standards. The Lammily doll is made according to typical human body proportions.


        EducatorLabs is comprised of school librarians and media specialists who volunteer as

                                                           curators and conservators of the scholastic web. Offering lesson plans and resources for                                                                                          teachers, parents, researchers, students and more.

Suicide Prevention